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Our Tracer Wire Stations (also referred as the TWS) have been specifically designed to protect your tracer wire investment from harsh environments.  Inside the TWS a quick connect bolt is easily accessed without opening the enclosure making routine line locates quick and easy


  • Ample room to accommodate both the tracer wire and a sacrificial anode lead wire.
  • Improved locate quality and distance.
  • The installation is quick, easy and clean.
  • Plenty of room on the exterior of the faceplate to allow site specific labeling
  • Faceplate interior provides a recording location for continuity test results
  • Color coded border system provides confirmation of piping contents at distance.
  • Decreased response time in the event of an emergency.


Choose between a 1” rigid conduit or flexible conduit to protect your tracer wire from the ground up.  This includes just the tracer wire station and no protective conduit. Sold in boxes of 10.

How can your company benefit from using the Tracer Wire Station?How can your company benefit from using the Tracer Wire Station?

  • Saves Time and Money
  • Eliminates CSA compliance issues
  • Increases field operations efficiency
  • Identifies buried facilities
  • Protects tracer wire from environmental damages
  • Provides professionally finished appearance to pipeline risersFor labeling solutions and advice feel free to contact us!

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TWS Complete (no conduit), TWS Mechanical Lug

Provide us with your pipeline system drawings and we will install tracer wire stations to protect your tracer wire and help your line locators in the future. We will use your drawings to label our faceplates with site specific information such as, pigging specs, operating pressures, emergency numbers., etc.

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CDN Patent #2768040-Support Bracket for pipeline risers – Tracer Wire Stationx

Which Provide:

  • Line locator friendliness with a quick connect bolt
  • Compliance with CSA Z662
  • Tracer wire protection
  • Colour coding and continuity test stickers• Interchangeable face plates
  • Durable PVC construction (weather & UV resistant)
  • The ability to record continuity tests on the inside of the faceplate
  • The ability to keep your tracer wire accessible in all conditions• An easy one unit installation providing consistent results